BTB supports fair play for everyone when participating in sport. Taking a proactive, positive approach to raise awareness of bullying in sports and providing education for young athletes is essential for prevention.

Gymnastics Queensland engaged with Melissa Graham, Director of BTB, to facilitate sessions for elite gymnastics athletes aged from five years to young adults. Melissa worked with these incredibly talented sports stars to discuss and role play positive response behaviours if faced with conflict or a potential bullying situation within their sport. BTB posters were supplied to the organisation as a visual reminder for the athletes of the response strategies covered in the sessions.
According to the Australian Sports Commission,


“Every person in sport, in every role, has the right to participate in an environment that is fun, safe and healthy, and to be treated with respect, dignity and fairness” (ASC Fact Sheet: Bullying)


BTB supports fair play for all in sport, so has your sporting organisation discussed ways to report bullying and promote positive response strategies?

For more information, contact Melissa and visit Australian Sports Commission.