Here’s to a great 2008 from Break Through Bullying! The beginning of the new school year is the best time to promote positive anti-bullying behaviours to help children deal with the issues of bullying that they may face. Existing Break Through Bullying schools may consider purchasing additional posters for new classrooms or shared learning areas, such as the school library. To order, simply email mel@breakthroughbullying.com.au , phone or post our order form.



Break Through Bullying posters promote the development of the skills necessary to empower students to take a positive approach to bullying situations. Talking to an adult about bullying is a strategy on every one of our anti-bullying posters.

The National Coalition Against Bullying (NCAB) in their recently released report, *Making Australian Schools Safer identified Guiding Principles for Success in Developing and Maintaining Safe Schools. One of these six principles is ‘Focus on Skill Development’. This principle states the importance of “teaching all students a range of skills that can assist them to respond effectively to bullying and focus particularly on the importance of talking to an adult about it.”(Go to www.ncab.org.au for more information)
*Sourced from: Making Australian Schools Safer – A summary report of the Outcomes from the NSSF Best Practice Grants Programme(2004-2005) ©Commonwealth Government



Autism Queensland is sponsoring ‘Bullying: It’s Everybody’s Business’ event to be held on the 19th March at Breakfast Creek in Brisbane. Queensland and interstate speakers are coming together to discuss bullying and related issues. For more information visit Autism Queensland website www.autismqld.com.au



Keira Grace Thea Graham was born on July 12th at 8am. She is a delightful girl and her parents are very proud. Keira is already supporting anti-bullying by displaying the Break Through Bullying “fist of freedom” symbol while she is sleeping. Go to the Photo Gallery for the latest photos.



How can Break Through Bullying products really benefit your school community? If you would like to ask a question about our products and how they could be effectively implemented into your school environment and existing programs, email Melissa Graham now - mel@breakthroughbullying.com.au



Tell us how Break Through Bullying posters are being used in your school community or organisation. If you would like your school or organisation to be featured on the Break Through Bullying website, email Melissa Graham now - mel@breakthroughbullying.com.au


LIFE EDUCATION, Victoria Supports Break Through Bullying

Victorian Life Education’s Education Manager, Sarah Linssen, has purchased Break Through Bullying products for the Victorian educators to use and display when promoting positive anti-bullying behaviours to young Australians.

Life Education teams throughout Australia provide innovative drug and health education programs designed to be integrated into the primary school curriculum, to prevent and fight the effects of harmful drug use and other social issues. For more information about Life Education go to www.lifeeducation.org.au


Andrew Fuller information about bullying on BTB website

Andrew Fuller is a Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist and he is a member of the National Coalition Against Bullying. Information from Andrew’s book From Surviving to Thriving – Promoting Mental Health in Young People(1998, ACER Press) is featured in Helpful Information For more information about preventing bullying and violence or for other useful resources go to www.andrewfuller.com.au


Promoting anti-bullying strategies - a whole school approach

Mary MacKillop School, Birkdale in Queensland is promoting anti-bullying strategies through school assemblies, creating photo stories and by painting the columns in their undercover playground area with the reminders - CHILLOUT and BE AWARE Go to Gallery to see the most recent photos and to Testimonials for more.






Break Through Bullying “fist of freedom”



Proud Mum



Melissa Graham and Kerry Weber
attending the National Safe Schools Week Conference in Melbourne




We asked Year 5, 6 and 7 students at Mary MacKillop School, Birkdale in QLD,
"How can the Break Through Bullying posters around the school help you in bullying situations?"
Below are some of their responses:

"They can help you get ideas to deal with the person/people."
Year 5 Student

"You can look at one of them and choose the one to suit the problem."
Year 5 Student

"Because it is a great way to show the big kids how to act when you have been bullied."
Year 5 Student

"It can make kids feel more confident."
Year 6 Student

"It tells you how to deal with them and express your feelings."
Year 6 Student

"You can always refer to that (CHILLOUT poster) for strategies and ideas."
Year 7 Student

"They can help by suggesting ways you can stay calm and fix the situation."
Year 7 Student

"Well they give you good tips on how to stop being bullied."
Year 7 Student

"It could help me to be assertive."
Year 7 Student

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