BTB supports National Day of Action & Child Protection Week

Break Through Bullying supports of the following initiatives:

National Day of Action Against Violence & Bullying is celebrated each year in March on the thrid Friday.

Go to for more details and get involved.

National Child Protection Week is celebrated for one week in September beginning on Father's Day.

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CLICK for Cybersafety

Cyberbullying and cybersafety are important issues that our children need to be aware of.  As educators and parents we need tools to assist us to teach our children positive, proactive strategies.

Remember, Be safe when you CLICK to give CYBERBULLYING the flick For more information go to PRODUCTS

Andrew Fuller Information about Bullying on BTB Website

Andrew Fuller is a Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist who works with young people in schools and communities across Australia. Information from Andrew’s book From Surviving to Thriving – Promoting Mental Health in Young People(1998, ACER Press) is featured in Helpful Information For more information about preventing bullying and for other useful resources go to 

Articles for CareforKids Organisation

Melissa Graham has written a series of articles on bullying for CareforKids organisation.  Click on the link below to read one of the articles.   Go to for more information.

Care for Kids - Melissa Graham; PDF file 69 KB.


How can Break Through Bullying products really benefit your school community? If you would like to ask a question about our products and how they could be effectively implemented into your school environment and existing programs, email Melissa Graham now -




Psychologist Andrew Fuller with Melissa Graham, Director of Break Through Bullying at the NCAB Conference, 2010
Psychologist Andrew Fuller with Melissa Graham, Director of Break Through Bullying
at the NCAB Conference, 2010


Melissa Graham representing Break Through Bullying at the PACT Conference, Brisbane in 2009
Melissa Graham representing Break Through Bullying
at the PACT Conference, Brisbane in 2009.


Melissa Graham and Kerry Weber
attending the National Safe Schools Week Conference in Melbourne





Break Through Bullying products offer children a visual aid to remind them of appropriate anti-bullying strategies. It is an easy, kid- friendly method of understanding the various techniques children may use to combat bullying. It highlights the different forms of bullying so that children can learn the correct way to manage a situation. As a psychologist, these products can reinforce behaviours that have been modelled in small group or one-to-one sessions. I find these aids both helpful and fun when teaching kids the essentials about bullying. Christine Bagley-Jones, Counselling Psychologist

"Thank you so much for your Break Through Bullying presentation. It was effective for our class. The students now openly discuss things they have seen and experienced while at school, and refer to the skills on the poster. They also try acting in a manner that helps create a positive and productive classroom environment.” Year 6 Classroom Teacher

"As a parent of a very gentle natured 6 year old, I have found the Break Through Bullying AWARE poster very helpful. I found Break Through Bullying when I was searching the internet. My son has had the AWARE poster on his wall ever since and we have referred to it many times to give him strategies to deal with children that he is feeling threatened by. I would highly recommend Break Through Bullying posters to any parent, child and even adults who are having difficulty with bullying in their lives." Concerned Parent



They can help you get ideas to deal with the person/people."
Year 5 Student

"You can look at one of them (the strategies) and choose the one to suit the problem."
Year 5 Student

"It can make kids feel more confident."
Year 6 Student

"It tells you how to deal with them and express your feelings."
Year 5 Student

"You can always refer to that (CHILLOUT poster) for strategies and ideas."
Year 7 Student

"They can help by suggesting ways you can stay calm and fix the situation."
Year 7 Student

“They give you good tips on how to stop being bullied."
Year 7 Student

"It could help me to be assertive."
Year 7 Student