Break Through Bullying was established in 2003 to ‘bring light’ to bullying issues and promote positive anti-bullying strategies, encouraging the development of safe and supportive environments for children of all ages. The Fist of Freedom on our logo is symbolic of the ongoing pursuit of justice and fair treatment for all people. The Fist of Freedom was a symbolic gesture shown to the world by athletes John Carlos and Tommie Smith in 1968 YouTube - John Carlos Fist Of Freedom.

Bullying can be hurtful and harmful for all involved. We can not assume that children know what to do when faced with a bullying situation. At times, children can be unsure of how to react or what to say when faced with a difficult situations that may be bullying. Sometimes parents and caregivers can find it difficult to give informed, helpful advice.

Break Through Bullying products aim to assist children to break the cycle of bullying by giving practical strategies to choose from when faced with bullying situations. Children are empowered to change the situation and how they feel about it by using a strategy suited to their age and level of development. The posters are a visual reminder of the strategies that children can refer to at any time.

Break Through Bullying products aim to assist teachers, guidance counsellors, OSHC workers, learning support teachers, psychologists, child care workers, parents and caregivers through comprehensive teaching notes to refer to when assisting children to learn how to master the skills of positive anti-bullying strategies.

Break Through Bullying aims to offer support to all places of learning and practitioners and continue to develop products and services to assist in breaking the cycle of bullying.

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Melissa Graham


Melissa Graham completed her Bachelor of Education in 1991 and is a qualified Primary School classroom teacher with twenty years teaching experience. With a keen interest in drama teaching and acting, Melissa studied for three years part-time to attain a certificate in Method Actor Training in 1998 from the National Actors Conservatory.

For two years she was employed by Education Queensland as an actor with the Logan Learners for Life, ‘Fair Go’ program, a ninety minute workshop for schools that gave children the opportunity to role play appropriate anti-bullying strategies. Through her involvement in this program, Melissa had first hand experience of the serious nature of bullying and the need to increase awareness about bullying and provide children with the skills to master appropriate anti-bullying strategies.

Melissa has been involved in the development of many Behaviour Management and Anti-Bullying policies in Queensland schools.Melissa was a committee member for Brisbane Catholic Education’s Anti-Bullying Standing Committee. In 2004, this committee organised the ‘Let’s Talk About Bullying’ Conference and in 2006 organised ‘Bullying, The Law, The Facts and Your School’ Conference in Brisbane, Queensland. In 2005 Melissa spoke at the second NCAB - National Centre Against Bullying conference held in Melbourne on the topic of ‘Keeping Your School Anti-Bullying Policy Alive’. She has presented Break Through Bullying workshops in schools - for children and staff, Life Education Queensland and other associations. She is a supporter of PACT - Protecting All Children Today, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and the NCAB - National Centre Against Bullying.


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